Dish availability

When an order is placed, our dishes are subject to availability and will be replaced with a similar dish without notice in case of no stock.

Delivery fee

Our delivery fee may change without notice. Please refer to the delivery fee generated in your order before checking out.


What is Zhapfan?

Unbeatable variety and affordability of economy rice combined with the unparalleled convenience of online delivery.

Is it available for dinner?

Nope, not yet.

Is Zhapfan certified Halal?


Why is the app showing me tomorrow's date or a much later date?

If you missed the cut-off time today, it will show you next available order date.

What is the cut-off time?

The cut-off time for lunch time orders is 11:00am so that there is sufficient time for your food to be packed and delivered to you.

What is the timer for?

The timer shows you how much time you have left to place an order or make payment. It's like a game; you beat the clock, you win!

How many dishes can I select?

We currently support a maximum of 4 dishes per plate. Any more than that and your food container might explode and shatter into a million pieces. You don’t want that to happen. Trust us!

Can I create a new order from your Zhapfan website?

You can only create a new order via our Zhapfan mobile app. Download here:

iOS: https://bit.ly/zhapfan-ios

Android: https://bit.ly/zhapfan-android

Can I place multiple orders on the same day?

Yes you can, but you’ll need to make full payment for your previous order and then you can place a new order. And then do it again, and again, and again. We'll like you. A lot!

What is a Group Order?

A group order makes it easy for everyone in a group to order plates on their own. To start a group order, all it takes is for someone to first add a plate to an order (this person automatically becomes the Host) and then he/she can send out the group order link to friends (Guests). For more information, see the Host section below.

Do I need to sign up to place an order?

Yes. We’ll require some personal information such as name, mobile number and delivery address.

As a Guest, do I need to sign up to add a plate to the order?

Guests are not required to sign up and can immediately add plates to the order via the Host's group order link.

Who is Alphapod X and why does it show up on my bank statement?

Alphapod X is a business unit fully owned and operated by Alphapod X Sdn Bhd, the creators of Zhapfan. In other words, it’s one and the same!


What are credits?

Credits are alternative currency for buying your meals other than money. It allows you to checkout faster compared to online banking and helps you to save even more money!

What is the rate between RM and credits?

The rate between RM and credits is always 1:10. For example, RM1 equals to 10 credits.

What are value packs?

Value packs are package of credits designed to allow you to get extra meals and save more money compared to its actual price. For example, assuming you order a RM7.50 plate every time, RM100 gets you 13 plates, while the 1150 credits pack (also cost RM100) gets you 15 plates.

How do I spend credits?

You can select 'Pay with credits' option in the payment page after you place your orders. Credits will be deducted from your balance after payment.

Will my credits expire?

Yes, your credit balance will expire 90 days from the day you purchase/earn them. However, you may extend the expiry date of your credit balance for another 90 days (up until December 31st of the current year) by purchasing/earning more credits before they expire.

How to get more credits?

You can get more credits by purchasing one of our value packs. The more credits you purchase, the more money you actually save for your lunch!

What happens when I have insufficient credits during a payment?

A 'Get more' button will appear in the 'Pay with credits' option which redirects you to get more credits.

Can I pay with credits + online banking at the same time?

Unfortunately no. You could order and pay twice, one with credits, another one with online banking.

Can I transfer my credits to other users?

Nope, there is currently no way to transfer credits between users. Your credits belongs only to yourself. Credits are not exchangeable and cannot be resold.

Can I withdraw my credits as money?

Nope, credits cannot be converted back or withdrawn in the form of actual money.

What is the credit balance limit?

The current maximum number of credits you can carry in your balance is 20000.


How does a Group Order work?

  1. Add a plate to order.
  2. Share the group order link to your friends. You’ll automatically become the Host for the group order.
  3. Friends can add plates in the order using the link. Each person in the group order is a Guest.
  4. Tap on the refresh link to check for new plates added by your Guests.
  5. Make payment for the whole order.
  6. Plate IDs are printed/written on each food box so it’s easy for Guests to identify their plates when they arrive.

Will I receive a notification when my Guest adds a plate in my order?

You won’t receive a notification. However, you can tap on the refresh link in the mobile app to check for new plates added by your Guests.

What are the payment options available?

We currently support payment via Online Banking (FPX) and Credits.


The timer reached zero before I could order my plate. What do I do?

Uh oh. Looks like you missed the cut-off time for the day. You can place your own order by downloading the Zhapfan mobile app. Download here:

iOS: https://bit.ly/zhapfan-ios

Android: https://bit.ly/zhapfan-android

How can I check if my plate was added to the order?

Once you’ve added a plate to the order, you’ll be assigned a Plate ID. Try not to lose or forget your Plate ID as this is used to identify your plate in the order. In any case, you can always check with your Host to confirm your plate in the order.

How do I pay for my plate in the order?

Your Host will pay on your behalf when placing the order. You can settle payment with your Host directly.

Can I remove my plate in the order?

Nope. Right now, only your Host can remove plates in the order. If you’d like to remove your plate, please inform your Host as soon as possible. It’ll be useful to inform your Host on the Plate ID you’d like removed.